Are you finishing the construction or have you already accepted the finished turnkey works from the construction company? Are you not a professionally qualified person, construction manager, civil engineer, technical manager or construction expert? In this case, you will need help in resolving situations related to the completion of construction and its approval , or. assistance in communicating with the contractor in the event of ambiguities, conflicts or unrecognized overtime.     

I offer my help in the form of a personal consultation. I will provide you with valuable information on what else you need to provide for approval and support in the technical areas of construction, account control and budgeting for completed construction. I will help with the control of invoicing for actually completed work and the solution of additional work specified by the contractor. And I will answer key questions related to the completion of construction:     


  • Do I have to pay for approval?
  • Who will come for approval?
  • How do I submit an application to the approval  
  • What does the advertisement for the use of the building mean ?  
  • How to provide documentation for your own construction?
  • The construction was carried out with deviations from the design documentation, what should I do?
  • We built a family home from a different material, is this a problem?
  • When do you need to deposit a deposit to the cadastre  
  • When will I be assigned a descriptive number  
  • What documents are required for approval?
  • Can I enter before approval?
  • How well does it clean  
  • Who will write me an application from the construction manager for self-help of the construction site?  
  • Do I need a construction diary for approval ?   
  • Should the façade or paved areas, sidewalks and parking spaces be ready for approval?
  • Where can I get documents such as material properties certificate conformity report or installation authorization      
  • Where to place a fire extinguisher  
  • Do I need a hydrant  
  • Can I finish my garden house or fence after approval?
  • The neighbor disagrees with the building , can he interfere with the approval? 
  • Does the air terminal / lightning rod have to be ready for approval ?    
  • Is a flue / flue gas inspection permit required ?  
  • Do I have to approve the test on the leak tray    
  • There is no plumbing in the bathroom, can I approve?
  • Should I have an energy efficiency label  
  • What else awaits you before entering?


  • Are you worried about poor performance ?
  • How to solve the complaint technically?
  • What does a professionally qualified construction manager mean ?  
  • How to solve complex and functional pressure tests when construction was self-assisted?  
  • Is it possible to additionally insulate the attic?
  • Can I connect a well to the house ?   
  • Who will connect my gas meter  
  • Can I move the water meter  
  • How to solve a warm floor repair?
  • The masonry will get wet in the field , is this a reason for complaints?  
  • Is it normal for windows to fog up ?
  • Mold appears on the walls , is this a reason to complain?   
  • Does the building have to freeze before we move in?
  • And other professional questions …

 With a wealth of experience, structural engineer services will answer many more questions.

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